Daily Herald, Top Dog!

Readers weigh in on the best dogs in the 'burbs


Hot dogs have been around for hundreds of years, and for about that long debate has raged over how makes the best hot dog and how to top it.

Not ones to be left out of a good debate, we at the Daily Herald asked readers for their favorites and we got some very strong opinions.

As we head into National Hot Dog Month and the Fourth of July weekend, we present the top four spots among our readers.  The original plan was to list in alphabetical order but there was such a wave of emails touting Tony's Steamers of Winfield that we'll lead off with them.

What a reader said:  "Just returned from Arizona for the summer here in Winfield. Now, I do not miss the winter weather, but I really do miss Steamer's hot dogs. They are the very best. Always cooked just right and since I put all the seasonings available on the dog, I have a truly great Chicago hot dog, from the warm poppy seed bun to the single pepper (I request just one) and the delicious french fries that just wrap themselves about the bun, it is super and it is home! Now if I could only get Tony to open a Steamers Southwest, I would be really happy!" -- Marylou Crane, Winfield

 -- Excerpt from the Daily Herald Time Out! July 4, 2014.  Digital version available here: Daily Herald Time Out!